Last Gasp

by That Scoundrel

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released July 16, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Jolly at Brown River Sound at John's house.

Album art by Traci Patino/TLM Photo


all rights reserved



That Scoundrel Jackson, Mississippi

That Scoundrel is no more

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Track Name: I'm Over It
I'm over you and your gnashing teeth
Your lazy bones your clumsy feet
Rather walk to a different drummer's beat
But I'm stuck dancing with you

And I'm over it

I'm over you and the engine's whine
You cannonball in my good times
You took a perfectly good mind
Cut it right in two

And I'm over it

I'm over you being over the moon
Or down so low like please pity you
You always been crazy as a loon
Bet you thought this had a different end

And I've over it
Track Name: Ship
All my best ideas
Merely stolen pills
Washed down
With a thimble full
Of guilt

All my best enemies
Mirrors and mirages
And my own
Untidy mind

I left my heart out to mend
Said I cannot help you
Because you're not really sick
You're not a rudderless ship
You're captain merely a prick
Hands in his pockets
Daydreaming at the wheel

To swim the tide is unnecessary
Crown your king
Then drown your king
Piano wires and heartstrings
Are the only things
To play

All my best fish tales
Couldn't measure up
Truth is stranger than fiction
Thats the bottom line
Track Name: Coattail Rider
The day I meet my fate
Open eyes ecstatic and afraid
Held naked with suspense
And wide awake
But a broken clock
Can read right sometimes
If a broken man
Can do right sometimes

Darling if you knew all my secrets
Quite certain you'd be stricken
All the legends of this town are ghosts to me
They aint ever really done much

Just a coattail rider
Just a hangers on
Always unsatisfied
And the road is long

Lay your ear on my chest
Hear my heart beat a tattoo
All we've ever done and all we ever was
A generation's youth so much rotten fruit

Oh so very long
I won't tarry in one place
I won't drag my feet on a grave

Pooled the wool
It was easy to do
The hard one to fool
Was myself

Son if you saw all my faces
You'd turn tail and cut tracks
The mask you see was tailor fit for me
I pray you never see the others

Strip me down to bare wire
Lay my cards on the table
With the right mind the right set of eyes
Will afford you everything you've wanted
Track Name: Define
I always sleep on my right side
You always wake up beautiful
Sometimes ships passing the right
Oh but when sync up
Its magical
We ought to do that a little more often

Got to take the time
If we aint gotta make time
Two balloons loose in the sky
Forever tied
Our life is ours to live
And theirs to define

Oh and I got my act to clean up
Gotta soften my demeanor
Purely a work in progress
I'll let you know when I got it figure out
And it'll work itself out in time
Put your hand in mine

I want to dress you in the finer things
But you don't seem to care
Think I love that about you

Why don't we rehang that picture frame
Oh just look at us
Couple kids with nothing much
Track Name: No Hurry
Unbeknownst to both of us
Sky began to fall
It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen
Just looking like a big black blanket
Laid out on the grass over you and me
Thumb and forefinger wrapped the moon
And our arms holding up stars
And all the while my lusty eyes
Drank in every inch of you

Universe has an order
And I aint in no hurry
I want to be right here now
With you

And at glacial pace earth began to turn again
Under our backs
Cheek to cheek and our feet pointing north and south
From the moment you accepted my flaws
Set into motion a love like I have never known
Thumb and forefinger wrapped around the moon
And our arms holding up stars
And all the while that pirate smile
Held me frozen in place

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