by That Scoundrel

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released May 16, 2014


all rights reserved



That Scoundrel Jackson, Mississippi

That Scoundrel is no more

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Track Name: Nice Things
Astounded you put your heart on a kite string
Need to find you a whole new daydream
Where I don't die,where I don't scream
Where a new low aint waiting around the corner from me
Why can't we focus on nice things?

Close matters one of two ways
Horseshoes and hand grenades
Lets take the backyard
Lest we start to think
Slip a fist misconstrue a wink
Lines drawn she's my dame
Standup and about face
Spin it back to middle school ways
What happened to him what could he have seen?
To make a nice boy so coldhearted and mean
Why can't we focus on nice things

If assholes were airplanes
This place would be an airport
Baby you would be a jumbo jet
Just because you're breathing it doesn't mean you're living
Here's a heart shaped shit for your ills
If wishes were fish we wouldn't cast nets
We'd choose dynamite and speed up the process

What kills you can cure you with the right turn
You're an old dog with a briefcase full of big ideas
But you can still learn some new tricks
How to be a man, unlearn the shake poised to break their hand
Why can't we focus on nice things?
Why I couldn't say guess some aint wired that way
I'd rather pick you up than knock you down level with me
Why can't we focus on nice things?
Track Name: Always Gold
Poor Ms Overestimator, baked too much the crowds never came
Running and laying down with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas
If you could change you would, the company you keep
But you're a holding pattern, a crop circle, a spiral staircase

Just lost in the pomp and the circumstance
Babe if it glitters it aint always gold

Mr Outside-the-lines hang on words with bated breath
Chinks in armor gears exposed for the world to see
Spotlight on your dirty hands forever unclean
You're a locomotive, a frozen engine, a monkey shot into space
Track Name: Bell Song
You can dress it up, but its just lipstick
On a suckling pig, but its such a pretty shade
Could be the finest thing on god's green
But with an ugly soul what you gonna do when beauty fades
And we're all grown now standing tower tall
Wildly flapping gums with jack shit to say

Not just fake plastic trees, we got fake everything
Dressed to the nines, we were there with bells on only to find
They all were broken

With those rocks where your brains should be
Better take care or learn to love living at the bottom of the sea
Got a dismal future for your wasted life
Cause backstabbers die wallowing in misery
My version of success, many friends and no wealth
You can keep your money, aint no place I'd rather be
Track Name: Tree
Thow my bones in the sun gonna dry out you see
Where my hand touches earth, I'll grow roots
One day I'll be a tree, banyan or sapling
Fixated upon something to fix
Tire of that scene lay me out cross-cut saw
With the wood build a fence insulated from intent
Shutting yourself in you've come full circle
You've come full circle from where you began

I don't want to be the better man
You should be a dead man
These problems inside my hands
Outweighed by those in my head

Pick me clean, left me on empty
Stuck in your wake, the afterglow of once thought certain things
If this world has a plan, its screwed up
Be the best person you can every single day
Whether in the gutter or the sky or just right
You've come full cirlce
From where you began
Track Name: Second Son
Then you screamed my name
Balancing joy and pain
Show you the secrets to learn
Give you all I can
Sometimes that back of a hand
Spare the rod, spoil the kid

Oh my love you are the second son born under the best of signs
Watch for Big Brother and Ma Bell and dance along with Father Time
Oh my love you are the second son
Oh my love you are the second son

Surely to be bumps along the way
Do not as I do but as I say
Might not always agree
Just know thats okay
Cause failure is but a test
How you answer is key
Track Name: Cadillac with Suicide Doors
Main difference between a pack of wolves and pack of lies
One will snap bones the other'll shake your soul
All this pressure stands to make me a diamond
Swinging albatross perched on a ring on a chain

Oh save our souls from our misgivings
Birds seemed to have ate the breadcrumbs leading back to the entrance
That wait man its a double date with a devil
With bad luck leaned against a cadillac with suicide doors

I took a drive from the deep south
I must have stopped around Kansas
That midwestern skyline steel grey and endless
And all that gold I sought it was absent
And all those answers became questions
They came to form this one statement
Maybe this is all there is

Sad part about a skipping stone
Obvious its just a matter of time
Time can and will put the gifthorse out to pasture
But nothing can make it drink a drop
Track Name: Other People's Clothes
If such a damn hurry to leave go
Change your name no, erase your face
Selling souls is a good way to get ahead
Silver, gold and your body left entertaining the highest bids
But my name stays out your mouth damn those spun webs
All those tall tales you got, they're tired

If you could you would
But you can't so you don't

If waiting for a man to come sweep your feet out
From under you now, get a clue
Been hanging around like a broken doll
Ken aint walking through that door have to learn how to stand on your own
I'm so sick of this poor pitiful me routine
its not hip, its just lazy
If you think that grass is so green go find out

Just let us walk different lines
Keep your grey skies I'll keep my outlook sunny
We can't seem to agree about your name about your home
But you are dressed up so pretty
In other people's clothes digging up buried bones

One of these days it has to rain
Wash all this trash away, make this a better place
But I've been dancing for days,
aint one drop fell into my upturned palm
Rather march into the sea than live engulfed in flame
Standing stock still alone a statue
Track Name: Once A Waltz
All done growing physically
Mentally endless oppurtunity
We are all marked by and we carry stains
With hangman's breath far too late to pray
High on Wall Street or hiding in the Haight
We've found no goose laying golden eggs
Just grab the reins before you're trampled under
Before you're torn asunder
Before you're smashed to splinters
A lion in winter

This life once a waltz
Became a death march
A boat capsized from the weight

Just blades of grass slipping through
The universe's waiting hands
And gods or not hard to believe
We can be anything more than insignificant
Track Name: Home
I love my home and if it had colors I'd bleed em
But sometimes I wish I anywhere but here
Where I roam well thats simply none of your business
If you'd remove yourself from my life that'd be ideal
A ringing phone on the other line is Jesus saying
You gonna use his name start learning his teachings
Big enough to start acting like you're grown
Quit pretending you're bigger than your breeches

Don't start fights but I'm ravenous to finish them
I'm a crazed dog, a locked jaw
Just a lazy bag of bones but if you light a fire under my ass
I'll burn down everything that you have and stroll away
A word and handshake all my father told me I'd have
Wish your father had done the same
But rotten apples fall from the trees they're sprung from
Can't just be chalked up to dumb luck
Track Name: Dug My Own Grave
Wreck me oh wrecking ball, carve me up completely
VIle poison floating through the air so sweetly
Dates and times blur the lines not all is fair in love and war
Stay naive I got bridge in New York City gonna cut you a deal on
Faced with tectonic shifts we stayed brave to the last
In a sea of sinking ships we climbed and died so lonely on the mast

Spinning in the wind, for a laugh I dug my own grave
Pointless, I know, cause one day earths gonna swallow me up anyway

Spill the beans kid, tell the truth oh tell the truth
The mirrors all say I don't like one bit what has become of you
Come clean oh come clean, you are exactly what you despise
A fool, a liar with silver blinders on his eyes
And life's too short to masquerade, it was an ugly mask anyway
A plea from one half to the other, destroy or revert back to same old same

And cast out demons, you are not evil
Your will just faltered you had your reasons
As poor as they may be, led to crippling mistakes
Wake up truly alive and change
Track Name: Solid Ground
The easiest way to avoid suspicion
Is never to be suspected at all
My dented halo well I left it at a pawn shop
Heard its found a really nice home
With free-spirited gal into looking like a pin-up
Keep her blonde hair black in a bob
On occasion I systematically relish reckless mortality
Wasn't a creature born to live a hundred years long

Stay always inside yourself and as the worm turns
You'll see your feet on solid ground

A white flag isn't guilts admission
Its merely silly to sit around
Smoking cigarettes with the house burning to the ground
Leaving the frame and the slab
And the memories we made
The dreams of sunny days
The memories we made
Memories fade

Fade like the light of a setting sun if you don't know how far you fell
You'll never know how far you've come

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